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How to take the water meter readings properly
How to take the water meter readings properly

In case you have new water meters installed in a flat or a house, you often face a question how to take the water meter readings properly, neither to pay more, nor to owe money.

What are our water meters made of?
What are our water meters made of?

What is a high-quality flow meter made of? Why are water meters of some manufacturers fail in a year, and those of others work well for ten years and more?

Correct selection of water meters installation company

Today anyone can purchase a water meter one ones own. However, you shouldnt try to install them yourself. It is better to apply to a special company offering such services.

Ways of water saving

We experience shortage of pure potable water on the planet today. Its price will only increase with time; hence, we should consider more efficient use of water resources

Water primary treatment filters

Today almost everyone knows that potable and process water differs by its properties and characteristics. Nowadays, it is not recommended to use water for cooking without preliminary treatment removing various admixes, bacteria and viruses

Rules for pipe routing

Pipes replacement is one of the main renovation stages in each flat renovation. You should not spare it. Pipes should be up-to-date and reliable. Installation shall be very careful not to worry about reliable water pipeline functioning afterwards

Is water meter needed in a flat?

To understand feasibility of water meters installation in flats, it is necessary to consider three examples given below

Stumbling brass

Brass enables casting of the flow meter bodies of almost any shape, without worrying that they can fail affected by corrosion or mechanical damage fatal for steel let alone plastics

Trust but verify!

What is flow meter calibration, and what is it needed for? There is a wide-spread opinion that calibration is just one more way of money taking from people, however, to see into a matter, you should begin with the principle of flow meter operation

Time does not matter

One of the main issues during a resources meter selection is the issue of its accuracy. It is the accuracy of measurement that finally determines efficiency of the whole metering system

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