Production of high-quality water
and heat meters

20 years on the market

VKM M Rosich


  • VKM M metering unit is designed for measurement of process and potable water volume
  • The metering unit works perfectly in the premises with high humidity and flooded pits
  • Pulse value: 10 liters/pulse for DN 25, 32 and 100 liters/pulse for DN 40, 50
  • Advantages

    • Noiseless operation
    • Recalibration interval is 6 years
    • The metering unit is exceptionally reliable and easy to operate
    • The counter mechanism of the metering unit is filled with process glycerin. Glycerin is absolutely safe for man and animals
    • Equipped with a protective cover
    • The metering unit design and principle of operation eliminates any impact of magnets on the unit operation
    • Laying of power network is not required - the metering unit is independent from any power sources

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