Production of high-quality water
and heat meters

20 years on the market

VSKM Atlant


  • It is designed for measurement of consumed potable or process water volume with a maximum temperature of 120 C and a pressure up to 1.6 P.
  • It is perfect for private cottages, small blocks of flats and enterprises
  • It can handle low quality water
  • Pulse value: 10 liters/pulse for DN 25, 32 and 100 liters/pulse for DN 40, 50
  • Advantages

    • Recalibration interval is 6 years
    • The counter mechanism is protected against the impact of magnetic field
    • The counter mechanism can be 350rotated for easy readings taking 
    • High resistance to pressure overloads and reliable operation at maximum water rates
    • It preserves the declared metrological characteristics during the whole service life even in case of operation in unfavorable conditions
    • Can be equipped with a pulse output or an electronic MID-module for integration into automated reading systems

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