Production of high-quality water
and heat meters

20 years on the market

VKM Rosich


  • The meter is designed to measure the volume of consumption of technical or drinking water
  • It can be used in unfavorable climatic conditions
  • The metering unit version provides for its usage in the premises with high humidity, flooded facilities and pits
  • Pulse value: 10 liters/pulse
  • Advantages

    • The metering unit fully conforms to GOST R 50193
    • The counter mechanism is filled with glycerin, thanks to which the glass always remains transparent ensuring reliable and comfortable readings taking
    • The gear unit is structurally combined with the counter mechanism making it possible to eliminate response to outside magnetic fields
    • Metering unit volatility
    • The metering unit can be completed with a magnetic pulse contact for remote transfer of readings

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