Production of high-quality water
and heat meters

20 years on the market

VSKM Atlant


  • Recalibration interval is 6 years!
  • The metering unit is designed for installation in flats, country houses and other facilities with low water rate
  • The metering unit is produced in modifications for cold and hot water
  • Pulse value: 10 liters/pulse or 1 liter/pulse
  • Advantages

    • It fully conforms to GOST R 50193 and the requirements of Sanitary and epidemiological supervision
    • Recalibration interval is 6 years
    • Maximum comfortable readings taking: 360 rotatable counter mechanism with 8 rollers and arrow pointers
    • Leakproof shockproof housing protected against external mechanical damage
    • Possibility to integrate the metering unit into automated data collection system: the metering unit can be equipped with a MID-sensor or complete with a pulse output
    • Reliable structural protection against external magnetic interference

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